2 – Squirrels


 For weeks the weather has been grey, overcast, rainy, windy and generally gloomy. This lowers the spirits, dulls the intellect and makes life just that little bit more wearisome. However a little bit of sunlight and suddenly everything is uplifted, your mood, the world, everything.

Today the sky is blue, the air is clear, and the sun shines brightly at a low winter angle that reflects back off the still damp roads. Yesterday was miserable, tomorrow will be grey again; so this really must be enjoyed. I was out early to enjoy the sun rising and see the light develop. When in the park I say a group of four or five squirrels scurrying up trees and leaping between branches (it was difficult their number because they moved around so much). I just stood and watched them, entranced by the agility, enjoying the peace. It was a perfect example of a fleeting moment.


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