35 – coffee tube map

coffee tube map

This is rather brilliant and is well worth keeping for reference every time I visit London. The originator is Chris Ward, who has written a book  on work outside of the traditional office which embraces the coffee culture. It is therefore right that he has researched far more coffee shops than I could ever get round to; but that is not the reason this is good. If it had just been a list I would have thought ‘OK a list of good coffee shops – that’s useful’ but the fact that he has used the tube map produces a much more vivid response.

It is  reminder of what a brilliant piece of design the original map was. So instead of the coffee I would like to salute Harry Beck and the moment of inspiration that led him to think of the tangle of tube lines in terms of a wiring diagram rather than a geographical map.  (See this gallery of  Underground maps).

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