40 – Visualisation

This morning I woke early (about 4 o’clock) and could not go back to sleep. Instead I dozed, with my mind drifting from subject to subject. It was warm under the covers and I felt snug and quite happy, as long as I didn’t worry about not getting enough sleep.

At some point I started to think about the run I intended to do in the morning and the route I should take. I  pictured the streets and imagined running them –  trying to decide   which would be the best and whether I should do a hill at the beginning or the end. I didn’t make a decision but I  imaged the roads and was surprised at how much I could remember. Time went quickly and when it was time to get up  I felt surprisingly refreshed.

I can understand why visualisation is used so much by sportsmen – it feels good and is calming. But I’m not sure it made any difference to my actually run as I didn’t follow any of the visualised routes – I made a random decision and took a turning I had not tried before.


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