48 – Church Bells

St Mary's spire

This is a hangover from my sunday run.

Although I have many different routes they all start with a warm up jog down to the park, by St Mary’s Church. On sundays  it is usually when the bells start ringing. I like the sound of church bells –  I don’t know why but I find them reassuring.  They also remind me of my childhood.  For my first seven years I lived near Christ Church, Colliers Wood. Every thursday they would practise their bell ringing at 7:30 in the evening and every thursday my mother would complain about the difficulties of trying to get young children to sleep. “I like church bells from a distance” I can remember hearing her say “But when they are so close and you have children it is just a horrible noise.”

My fleeting moment is the passing reminder of me as a young child.

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