Sometime I might write a piece in  praise of ECM in particular and record labels with a distinct personality in general. But that would be a wide ranging article and therefore a little beyond the scope of this blog. Instead I will write of a very particular time when I find ECM ish music just the thing to wash and refresh a tired brain.

After a run you will sometimes have a gentle, achy feeling of muscle weariness and a mood of hazy satisfaction. it is then good to stretch out and relax and listen to some music. It is a very particular state of mind, where you feel as if hard logic and concentrated thinking would be too much effort but you nevertheless feel alert and receptive. Music is perfect as it can seep into all the cracks tiredness as opened up. Something thoughtful and reflective is best, moments of beauty even better and that is almost a description of most of the ECM catalogue.

Today I have been listening to ‘ The Spaces In Between’ by John Surman

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